5 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Skin

1. Scrub away that dead and dull Winter skin. You do want to find fresh and plump skin but take it slowly and ensure you don’t over scrub and leave your skin sensitive and prone to dryness.

  • Use an exfoliator with fine grains as ones with larger ones can be overly harsh on your sensitive facial skin.
  • Don’t just scrub away but work in small circular movements.
  • Take your time when rinsing to ensure that you have carefully removed all traces of the product.

Spring clean your skin with a face mask2. Treat yourself to a deep cleansing mask. Select a clay or self heating mask that will draw impurities from your skin leaving it baby soft. Relish in the moment, taking 10 minutes to really treat your skin will pay dividends, preparing it for the warmer weather.

3. Clear out your make-up bag.
-Throw away any products that have exceeded their use by (see the recommended dates on the side of the packaging). Mascaras should be thrown away after 6 months of opening or you run the risk infecting your eyes with the bacteria that have formed on the wand.
-Carefully wash any make up brushes using your facial cleanser and rinse thoroughly. Make sure they are completely dry before using then to apply your make up. This should be done each month as a minimum. Dirty brushes can cause breakouts and effect the application of the product you are using.

4. Switch you moisturiser. If you have been using a heavy moisturiser over the Winter months it might be time to switch to a lighter one. Though sometimes heavy duty moisturisers are necessary to protect your skin from the harsh British winter, using one in warmer weather can effect the balance of your skin and cause breakouts. Ensure that your moisturiser offers a high protection from sun damage.

5. Bring in some colour. Adding a sweep of blusher to the apples of you cheeks can make you look years younger. Try a easy peachy colour as this flatters all skin tones. Or you could go a step braver and try some of this season’s ‘good enough to eat’ pastel palette…it might be less scary than you think…think more girly and fresh you don’t want to resemble Barbara Cartland! Using a thin brush apply a soft line of colour close to your eyelashes or maybe try a fresh pale pink nail varnish…go on put a spring in your step!

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