SS 2012 Make up Trends

Here we summarise some of the most popular spring summer make up trends for 2012.

The Eyeliner Flick

Example of the eyeliner flick make up technique that is hot for 2012As seen all over the catwalks the eyeliner flick is a (fairly!) easy look to copy and is set to stay on into Summer. Keep the rest of your make up simple, the lack of smoky powder make this more of a statement and keep the look modern. Using a sharpened liner make the lines in smmoth sweeps along the upper lashes. Keep as close as you can to the lashes, starting  a little distance from the inside of the eye, a little less than a third of the eye length seems to work with most eye shapes.



‘Good enough to eat’ Pastel Shades

Pastel shades are coming on strong in 2012Most of the major make up stores are looking more like Parisienne Macaroon stalls this season. The  pastel shades make us smile but I’m sure most would admit they are quite intimidating to apply…particularly for those past our teens. Well panic not. These shades can be very flattering and  promise to put a definite spring back in our step. If you’re not convinced then dip your toe in the water with a pale pink nail polish, Chanel do a lovely one though more budget friendly ones are easily found.


Earthy tones

This trend works well on olive skin tones, which can be looking somewhat sallow at this time of the year…where has the sun gone???!!! It can also be worked well by darker skin tones, making sure you add products with plenty metallic shimmer. Using bronzy tones swept over the eyelids married with a gold flecked bronzer over the cheeks can put a bit of early summer into your look. Keep it fresh with a more natural lip stain and gloss.

Glowy skin

Powder can really age your skin, emphasising fine line and wrinkles and robbing yur skin of it’s youthful glow. I’m not saying that shiny noses and chins are about to make your friends green with envy but a radiant glow will certainly take years off you.

Use a tinted moisturiser or try adding a little moisturiser to your usual foundation using fingertips to blend. Use a concealer or a few dabs of ‘straight’ foundation to hid any blemishes or darker patches. If necessary treat your under eye area with a special under eye brightener such as Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat. Next, take your powder and apply sparingly to nose and chin, use a large brush to sweep a minimal amount of powder across the forehead. The slight shine will emphasise your bone structure, particularly your cheek bones. It will help keep your skin moist and fine lines will be much less noticeable. You could carry some blotting sheets to absorb any excess oil through the day.

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